The Last Cat was started as a creative, artistic outlet for brothers Luke and Aaron Martinez. It was a place where they could make what they wanted to, how they wanted to, and when they wanted to. They followed the rule of the Last Cat, "Do what you want, and who cares what other cats think."

With so many talented artistic friends around them, Luke & Aaron soon brought others into the Last Cat. They designed products for their friends that complimented each artist's unique vision, giving their fans alternate routes to connect with them beyond the art piece on the wall. Finding the best way to make an affordable product for the fan that didn't take away from the art became a core mission for the Last Cat. Soon new artists came into the group and more rad products were made.

The Last Cat has now grown into more than just a regular brand.
It"s an art gallery.
It's a place for independent artists to connect with new fans.
It's a curated marketplace with original products, original art, zines, comics, t-shirts, clothing, prints, and stickers.
It's a creative workplace for everyone involved.
And most importantly, it's where we all do whatever we want.

Art is everywhere, and we're just trying to find different ways for you to take it home.

Questions regarding your order, or general inquiries, email